Abduction Outside Sausalito, Jan. 6, 2004

I had completed a night shift at a cockroach situated approximately 15 miles outside of Sausalito, was driving back to my apartment 4 AM. south on Highway 101. About 70º up from the horizon to the NW a descending object was moving smoothly due East. Stopping the car I lowered the window and fumbled for my camera. The cicadas had stopped singing. Overcome by a cogent sensation, as if inhaling cocaine, my veins swelled, ears hurt, everything had purple halos around them. A giant bronze cigar suspended softly above eucalyptus. It had three cateye-like protrusions bottom-side that gyroscoped throwing out hot orange beams into manroot brush. The air smelt of cilantro. My radio went dead. A watch stopped ticking. Washing toward the golden gate France’s Prairial Frigate disappeared into brume. Police sirens caught fire and then the ray hit. Another vehicle quarter mile down, another flash, a woman ascending a grassy hill sprinting for a grove of water gum. Screams saturated the air while my body levitated inside the craft. A sound pulse similar to magnesium discharge disintegrated my clothes. A needle pierced my thigh. I lay horizontal across a heated table. In an adjacent chamber was the woman.

Plasticine creatures worked calmly behind a thick window controlling the machine. Each chamber was outfitted with robotic arms fashioned to accommodate a large variety of instruments which glittered in cases in symbolic order. A metal bar swiveled. Jets sprayed a menthol mist setting my flesh stinging. The arm deposited the sprayer, clung to a vacuum that cinched around my penis. A metal sphere softly came to rest against my forehead. She stared at me with terrorized intimacy. An electrical shock surged through my spine forcing me to ejaculate; sperm sucked through the tubes into voltaic froth before entering the female. A second bone-torquing shock. I passed in and out of dreams: on a playground swing, an air ministry weather balloon sparkling in moonshine as it plummets into the ocean, gray fallout, dashing a desperate S.O.S. upward through a forest clearing with a flashlight, a baby girl wrapped in a shawl carried through laser fire, lemon-headed creatures perched on thrones carved with vines bearing crescent-shaped fruits, snakes, voices that communicated by way of telepathy. I woke up next to the water, car windshield spider webbed, radiator folded around a metal cleat. The car radio flickered on. A watch began to tick.

Abduction Outside Sausalito, Jan. 6, 2004 written on 10.30.21 / Image: The Torture Chamber circa 2013

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