Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery Book Flip-Thru

Every now and then I think it would be fun to share a few books from my library. Book collecting is one of my passions/addictions and maybe with practice I can learn how to make these videos more interesting [cue music, or a Steven Segal voice-over?]; I am not a videographer what-so-ever, so I see lightening and dark clouds ahead.

Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery: The Complete Plates by J. M. Bourgery & N. H. Jacob – Taschen Bibliotheca Universalis 2021.
~Book Flip-Thru~

Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery (May 19, 1797 – June 1849) was a French physician and anatomist who was a native of Orléans. Within 20 years, along with the artist Nicolas Henri Jacob, he created the comprehensive anatomy textbook Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme.

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