6/1/21 – Created from the Film [Awaken] 2018

Work-perfecting Ganesha! Salamat.
Ganesh! – Ganesh!
Two-mothered! One-toothed!
Portly-paunched! Elephant-faced Ganesha!
Moon-crowned! Triple-eyed!
Thou who in all affairs claimest precedence in adoration!
Calamity averting Ganesh
Thou who art invoked on the commencement of a journey,
the writing of a book,
Oh! Ganesh, put not thine ears to sleep!
Encourage me, and then behold my bravery;
Call me your own fox, then will you see me perform
the exploits of a lion!
What fear need he have of the waves of the sea,
Who has Noah for a pilot?
First born of Mahadeo and Parvarti!
God of Prudence and Policy!
Patron of Literature!
May it be said,
‘Ah! She writes like Ganesh!’

Invocation to Ganesh, translated by Fanny Parkes


    1. She? GANESHA in the Hindu pantheon has both male and female forms. Don’t know if that is what you were referring to, peace and good day! and thanks always for checking in on me. Hope you are doing well.

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