Diluting the Blood



Griffith, J. Q., Jr., & Farris, E. J. (Eds.). (1942). The rat in laboratory investigation. Lippincott.


The present volume, to which 30 individuals have contributed, covers a wide range of biological topics with particular emphasis upon technics and procedures. There is a chapter on breeding by E. J. Farris, on diet by R. H. McCoy, on the central nervous system by W. A. Jeffers and J. Q. Griffith, Jr., on drug dosage by H. G. O. Holck, on the eye by W. E. Fry, and on the technics for the investigation of psychological phenomena by G. L. Kreezer. This last mentioned chapter is based on 678 references chiefly published from 1932-1939. The topics covered are: activity, discrimination, emotion, learning, motivation, motor phenomena, problem solving, psychopathic behavior, social behavior, tropisms, and general technics.

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