The Absence of Fear

It has been a little over a year since I began my career as a Mental Health Peer Specialist for Unity House of Cayuga. I have not done any serious reflection upon it, as my mind is geared toward forward-thinking. I guess the most obvious fact is that I am still there helping people and quite amazingly I have done so with little fear of all the people I engage with, this coming from a lifetime of debilitating social phobia. I began to cast that aside several years ago, learning to become unashamed; the adoption of self-worth. I found love and the power of self-disclosure. Like I said, I don’t think about this that much, for me it seems to work just to get on getting on, move forward into the unknown.

12/14/19 – Cass Park Marina – Ithaca, NY


    1. Thank you Don, what I have come to know is that nearly everyone is making courageous acts each day, no matter what coping mechanism is being applied, some self-defeating, others elevating; the common thread being survival.

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