Cold Green Light

The self-care goals collecting on my wall seems long; I won’t be able to make everything work at once. On my cork wall I have tacked up: finding time for friends, eating a healthy diet, reading (magazines/books), exercise/stretching, five minute meditations (morning/before bed), better time management, continue to improve at work, art (draw more), sleep (10pm bedtime/6am wake), try new things/learn new things, take naps when needed. I know I am missing a few obvious items; they will come to me. Today I started off early soaking in the cold November air to take pictures at Treman Park. Once home, I jazzed up some canned chicken soup with copious amounts of chia seeds and now I am going to take a nap.

I have changed the name of this blog from Grayfingers to Phototongue. I am setting up a second website which will focus of my overall galleries and e-commerce. Phototongue will focus on being a photographic diary.

11/02/19 – Robert H. Treman State Park – Enfield, NY

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